Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

For over a decade, Suncor Outdoors has been designing and installing swimming pools of every kind. From basic pools, to lap pools, to pools that one might see in a resort, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide a design that fits your needs and your budget without sacrificing on quality. Our small company feel gives you personalized attention from the first steps of design all the way through the construction process. We understand that this is a large investment for you and your family. Our staff ensures that you are well informed throughout the process so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a quality product by a trustworthy installer.

What you can expect at your first consultation?
At your first consultation we aim to find out what you are looking for in a pool and things you would like to see in your pool. We also establish a budget so we know where to go with the design. We will take some photos of your backyard and collect a plot survey of your property. This will help our designed the pool to fit just right in your backyard. After the design has been completed, you will receive various photos and also a video of the design of the pool. This will give you a very close idea of how the pool will look at completion. Unsure of the design? Don’t worry, our designer will work with you on revisions to get it exactly as you imagined it! Once a design is solidified we move into contact signings and HOA approvals if required by your neighborhood. You can check out the construction process step-by-step below.

For frequently asked questions about pool building, including instructions on how to operate your equipment and troubleshoot your pool, click here.

New Construction

Our new construction building starts with a personal consultation to determine your personal needs and give you a custom design taking into consideration property layout, family needs and budget. We have in house crews to help us ensure the quality and attention to detail that you deserve. This will also help us to ensure that your project comes to completion in a timely manner. We have supervisors on site with the knowledge and experience to manage and bring your project to completion. We know communication is very important. You will have contact numbers and email addresses so that you can remain informed throughout the construction process. With the busy schedules that we all have, we strive to make sure even when you’re busy, you still know what’s going on with your project.

We want the construction process to be fun, informative, and effortless for you. And when your project comes to completion, we want you to know that we are still here for you. We have staff available to take care of all of your warranty needs should any issue arise. Your pool is still our top priority even after the construction process is complete.

Remodeling & Replasters

We set ourselves apart from other companies when it comes it comes to remodeling by our in house crews and supervisors. We can take your pool from a new tile, coping and plaster to a complete redesign. We can change waterfalls to stone walls weeping water, or a game pool to a deep end. We can even add a water feature to a pool that doesn’t have one. We can take a pool built 20 years ago or more and bring them into the 21st century with all the new looks and technologies.

What else can we do? We can re-plumb your pool to ensure proper circulation as well as bringing your pool up to code to ensure your families safety. We can refit your equipment to help you save money year after year. We are proud installers of Pentair equipment. Pentair has gone very green with their equipment including four speed pumps and efficient pool heaters to help you money on your utilities. We can also automate your equipment and let you control water features, spa controls, lights, and heaters with just a touch of a button or from your phone. Ready to learn more? Call us today!

The Construction Process

The following information takes you step by step through the construction process of building a pool. Getting from the design to the end breath taking pool can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. We recommend reading through the below steps so you know what to anticipate at each step of the construction process. If you have any questions about the steps of the build process give us a call, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Pool design solidified with in-house designer
  • If required, HOA submissions for neighborhood approval
  • Permits from local city or country will be obtained
  • Pool stake with homeowner approval
  • Utility company markings and notifications (required by state)


  • Equipment brought in to start the dig of your pool
  • Pool elevation is set
  • Walls and floors of pool are carved to fit design
  • Any utilities that may need to be moved or re-routed will be done at this point

Steel Reinforcement

  • Bond beam – 4 bars #4 (1/2″)
  • Walls and floor – #3 (3/8″) 8″ on center
  • Deck dowels every 4′ (3/8″ rebar connecting the gunite shell to the pool decking)
  • All steel tied to prevent movement


  • Major components of the plumbing and electrical parts are installed through the rebar
  • Non-corrosive schedule 40 PVC pipe/fittings
  • Our plumber will place the proper diameter of pipe based on the flow rate needed for certain pumps, filters, spas, and water features in your design


  • Gunite (shotcrete) pneumatically applied
  • Walls and floors hand trimmed per design
  • minimum 6″ thick gunite covers entire pool shell
  • Gunite is water cured by homeowner (spraying of the concrete 3 times daily for a several day duration)

Tile & Coping

  • Tile installed around pool perimeter and other areas per your design
  • Rock work for waterfalls, retaining walls, and accent boulders around your pool are installed
  • Coping is installed around the perimeter of the pool
  • Flagstone, Travertine, and other coping options available

Pool Deck

  • Concrete decks install a minimum of 4″ thick
  • Use of 3/8” re-bar 17” o.c. for reinforcement (concrete decks)
  • A variety of deck options to choose from including pea gravel, spray deck, travertine, stamped concerete, pavers and flagstone


  • Aggregate plaster is recommended for longevity
  • Once plaster is installed cleanup of site will begin
  • Pool will be filled
  • Various plaster options include white pebble, colored pebble, and bimini (glass added)

Pool Equipment

  • Pentair equipment package is installed
  • Full 3-year parts and labor warranty on all Pentair products
  • Electric wiring will be installed from your electric panel to the equipment
  • State of the art equipment packages available

Pool Startup

  • Your pool will be started, cleaned and fine tuned
  • Chemicals will be added to the water
  • Recommended to to brush the plaster 3 times a day for 7-10 days
  • Equipment is left operational to clear the water of plaster dust or sediments

Pool School

  • Pool school is scheduled with one of our professionals
  • Instructions will be given on how to operate your new equipment
  • Information will be given on importance of chemical balancing
  • Weekly Pool Maintenance can be setup at this point


  • Pentair Equipment Warranty -3 years
  • Material and Workmanship Warranty – 1 year
  • Gunite Structural Integrity – 20 year guarantee
  • Warranty calls can be submitted to our office
  • One of our professionals will come out to asses the issue and repair as needed

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